LPS22 is at the forefront of sustainable international conferences. For an event of this scale, it will have minimal impact on the environment and is, therefore, a certified sustainable event [ISO20121].

Key message: The Living Planet Symposium 2022 is to be at the forefront of sustainability for international conferences. The organising committee is to lead by example, giving due consideration to the sustainable ideals of LPS22 during every aspect of planning and organising, and always taking the 'green option' whenever possible.

The symposium will serve as the latest benchmark for the sustainability targets of future editions of the Living Planet Symposium.

The LPS22 sustainability objectives are to be understood in the context of the three primary anthropogenic factors contributing to climate change:

(i). Greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels.

(ii). Deforestation.

(iii). Intensive agriculture.

In addition, LPS22 will also aim to have a near zero-waste strategy with:

(iv). Single-use plastics avoided at every opportunity and printed material kept to a minimum.

All aspects of LPS22 are planned in accordance with the goal of significantly reducing the overall contributions to each of these four factors.

Throughout LPS22, awareness will be raised on topics related to climate change and sustainability. This is to be achieved through the themes covered by the conference programme, key speakers, and engagement with the conference attendees.