Agora Descriptions

The LPS22 Agora Program is a collection of events that run in parallel to Scientific Programme. Agoras offer interactive format, moderated panel discussions and a space for presentations that are not covered elsewhere

Agoras are to be structured around 5 types of events presented in the table below. They are not defined thematically but merely describe the format, length, application process and relevance to LPS22 themes.

Open Forum

Open Forums are interactive sessions dedicated to facilitate stakeholders dialogue and exchange views on ‎topical or open for discussion subjects. This session type is particularly suitable for ‎current and emerging issues, to discuss planning, or future directions, as well as to highlight strategic partnerships.

Length and format:

  • 90 min
  • Moderated Panel discussion, max 5 panellists
  • At least 20 min dedicated to Q&A


DeepDives are prepared Roundtables addressing a specific LPS22 issue and featuring prominent experts or specialist in their field.

Length and format:

  • 60 min
  • Moderated Panel, max 4 panelists
  • At least 10 min dedicated to Q&A

Issue Brief

Issue Briefs are prepared presentations or talks that provide a summary of the evolving, topical or controversial issues. Issue Briefs are presented by experts or leaders in their fields to highlight important subjects, clearly outline pressing points, define objectives to be achieved and deliver call for action.

Length and format:

  • 45 min interactive session
  • One or two presenters
  • At least 15 min dedicated to Q&A

Talking Business

Talking Business are roundtable sessions or prepared presentations specifically dedicated to EO industry and private sector issues. This format is aimed to highlight pressing matters and advocate points of common interest to the stakeholders (i.e. future of workforce, bottom line issues, business environment, etc.)). This format is also suitable for the invited Industry Panels organized with specific strategic private sector representatives or associations (i.e. energy industry, insurance industry, … industry, etc.)

Length and format:

  • 30-60 min (long and short format)
    • Option 1 : 30 min prepared presentations by industry leaders
    • Option 2: 60 min Moderated Roundtable, max 4 panelist
  • At least 10 min dedicated to Q&A

Launches and Awards

Sessions dedicated to kick off Important Initiatives or to ‎release of high profile outputs such as research or think tank/NGO work, book launches and similar. Proposals should clearly ‎state the relevance to LPS22 thematic focus. This sessions type is also suitable for Award ceremonies.

Length and format:

  • 20 min
  • Podium platform